Get rid of junk email

DetoxBox is a browser extension that helps you unsubscribe from unwanted email newsletters
Get to inbox zero

No more clutter in your inbox!

Time is money, stop wasting it on unwanted mail.
DetoxBox will unsubscribe you from almost any mailing list on the web - all with a single click.
Inbox Zero
Delete or archive old emails after unsubscribing from new ones.
Privacy focused
Your emails never leave your browser. You can uninstall the extension after using it.
Easy to use
No need to visit another website or change any settings. Just click a button in your browser while in Gmail.
How can I be sure that you don't read my emails or sell my data?
Before Google approved access to your messages, their team performed a thorough examination of this extension (it took a few weeks) and gave it permission to access Gmail data. Besides, anybody can see its source code and watch which information, if any, is sent to the server (spoiler: none). You can read more about how your data is used here.
Will it unsubscribe me from all mailing lists, including the ones that I need?
When you open the extension, you'll see the list of recent emails from various mailing lists. Just uncheck the ones that you want to keep.
Up to 5 mailing lists
$5, one-time payment
Unlimited unsubcriptions
Best 5 bucks I ever spent!
That was an incredibly cathartic experience, unsubscribing to every list...
Luke Matricardi
DetoxBox's use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.
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